Creating an Ubuntu image on Google Compute Engine the right way

I’ve recently started playing with the Google Compute engine as part of me volunteering in The Public Knowledge Workshop here in Israel.
Being used to working with Ubuntu on Amazon EC2, while launching my first instance on GCE I was surprised to find out they don’t have Ubuntu images.
Googling revealed this guide, which seems way too complicated for doing a simple task – making Ubuntu cloud images run on GCE.

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Hacking asymmetric and symmetric lines together

Here in Israel, symmetric Metro Ethernet lines are expensive. A lot more expensive than a cheap asymmetric Cable/ADSL lines.

As a tech company with lots of programmers and intensive use of upstream hogging services (Git, Dropbox, etc.), we need a reliable, fast internet connection with at least 20Mbit upstream speed.
We tried a symmetric 30/30 Metro Ethernet connection, but it just wasn’t enough for our downstream demands. A 100/3 connection just isn’t enough for our upstream demands. So, what can we do? Combine them into a 100/30 one! but how?

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